This website serves as a platform for XRF core scanning software (Xelerate) developed as part of a PhD research conducted at Delft University of technology. This this research project was conducted with support of Wintershall Netherlands BV, TNO, NIOZ and Avaatech-Doesschot. The freeware software is built dor the analysis analysis of Itrax (ItraXelerate) and Avaatech (AvaaXelerate) scanning data and it can be downloaded in a protected area of this website. Please create a username and a password to enter this area; your personalia will not be sold to any third party.

Update 28-05-2017: Version 2 of the software is out and available for download. Several bugs have been fixed and visualisation have been improved.

Institutes and sponsors which are currently still involved in further developing new methodologies for core scanning and core analysis software are: